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Data Recovery:

Data and Drive recovery is the process of retrieving data from a non operational medium like hard disk drives. Data loss can happen because of mechanical or logical failure of the equoment.

  • Mechanical failure: Where failure is caused by malfunctioning of mechanical components or parts in a drive.
  • Logical failure: Where Drive fails to hold  the data. this can be caused by virus, external effects or material failure.

At Ace Computer Repairs we do our best to retrieve your data and provide you the best care and service you may need at affordable prices.

Our Services are as follows:


  • Data recovery : Recover your data in case of virus attack or drive failure. (PC and Mac)
  • Drive recovery : Recover your drive in case of virus attack or drive failure. (PC and Mac)
  • Data transfer : Transfer your data to another location or device.
  • Drive transfer : Transfer your drive to another location, device or drive.
  • System migration: Transfer your data from your old computer into the new one or across different platforms e.g. from PC to Mac or vice versa.
  • Password recovery: Recover or reset your password.
  • Data cleansing : Do you have a new computer and do you wish to throw away the old one? we can wipe the old machine so your data can not be recovered and fall into the wrong hands.
  • Media Recovery: Recovering data from Memory card or usb stick.
  • Mobile phone data Recovery: Recovering data from your phone and transferring it to your new phone.
Data Recovery

The best practice to minimize the data loss in case of virus attack or hard disk drive failure is to stop using your computer, Turn off the unit immediately and contact us straight away.

It is the best practice to consider to replace your hard drive if it has following symptoms:

  • Becoming very slow.
  • It makes clicking noise.
  • your system fails to start.

Please visit our upgrades section to upgrade your hard disk drive.