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Ace Computer Repairs offers many ways to get support and service for your Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.

We provide you free collection and hardware diagnostics and quotations before conducting any repairs. Our Apple Mac Certified technicians inspect and test your device, carry out necessary  repairs according to apple guidelines to provide you best possible results at competitive prices.

If your Mac does not operate as usual, if it is slow or overheating abnormally, this needs to be checked out before it potentially causes more damage to your equipment, it would be advisable to service your laptop at this point.

Other issues such as liquid damage can be fixed if you follow our guidelines: How to save your laptop in case of liquid damage. In most cases we can get your Mac back on track with no data loss.

We also provide upgrades for older generation of Apple Mac products to gain speed up to 10 times faster with Solid State Drives (SSD) or 4 times faster with Solid State Hybrid drives (SSHD).

There are certain aspects involved in choosing the right SSD or SSHD for your application so we will ask a few questions and provide you with best and budget options.

Mac Repairs Eastbourne

Our services are :

  • Free Diagnostic check and Quotation.
  • Full hardware Logic board test and repair/replacement.
  • Mac Os Recovery or re-installation.
  • Optimizing slow Systems.
  • Hard Drive replacement and memory upgrades including data migration.
  • Liquid Damage, broken hing or screens, keyboard and touchpad repair or replacement.

 Limited warranty: New parts that are replaced are covered under warranty for specified amount of time; this excludes damage caused by misuse or mishandling (such as: broken screen, water damage or physical damages to name a few).

Macbook pro repairs Eastbourne